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Commerical-Use License

All Hi-Rez Designs Visual FX DVD products are restricted to non-profit HOME HAUNT & PERSONAL USE ONLY, and are protected by all federal copyright laws.

If you intend to use these products in a commercial-venue / pay attraction, you must purchase a COMMERCIAL-USE LICENSE from Hi-Rez Designs BEFORE your attraction is open to the public. The commercial-use license is $150 per product plus the purchase price of the actual product. We also offer discount / package deals when multiple products have been purchase.

Using our Visual FX / DVD / HD in a "pay" attraction / venue WITHOUT a commercial license form Hi-Rez Designs is illegal and carries a $250,000 federal copyright fine. Hi-Rez Designs takes copyright infringement very seriously!

If you have questions or would like to purchase a commercial license for using Hi-Rez Designs Visual FX DVDs as part of your paid admission or pro haunt, please email us at: info@hi-rezdesigns.com.

Federal Law provides civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of the copyrighted material on Hi-Rez Designs' DVDs, DVD-ROM, and Digital Downloads.