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After working professionally in the Hollywood mainstream industry for over 17 years, in 2005, Halloween enthusiast Nic Andrews (owner and CEO) established Hi-Rez Designs, a production company that specialized in cutting-edge Halloween / Haunted Attraction visual fx products.

Developing state-of-the-art visual fx HD video products for LCD / LED monitors and Video Projectors, Hi-Rez Designs quickly became the leader in innovative technology throughout the Halloween / Haunted Attraction industry. Not only creating visually stunning visual fx, but also developed all their own custom circuitry and prop controllers, Hi-Rez has also bridged the ever-widening gap between having complex video imagery and animatronic prop / pneumatics controlling, thus creating a fully-interactive presentation / experience ... all without the need of an computer to drive / control the whole system.

Within the first year of operation, Hi-Rez Design was commissioned to create custom and totally unique LCD Monitor / Video Projection Visual Effects for many of the top Halloween / Haunted Attractions in the United States. What seems like fairly commonplace now, this type of visual fx and delivery format for a haunted attraction was completely original back then and had never-been-seen before in an any haunted attraction.

In 2007, Hi-Rez Designs made the bold decision to branch out into new an un-established territory, creating special visual fx products that could be used with ANY DVD player and could be easily used by any "home haunter." Their goal was to make products that would be affordable for ANYONE that shared a similar love for Halloween. Now, the same wildly popular visual fx products Hi-Rez Designs was well known for in the professional Haunt arena, "home haunters" could have for their own home setup

In keeping up with current LCD / LED monitor / video delivery formats and the lowering cost of HD monitors, Hi-Rez Designs set out to create their own HD video playback system, overcoming the obstacle and hinderance of standard DVD and standard-definition video. Unlike other companies that simply use an off-the shelf media player with a huge price markup to the end customer, Hi-Rez Designs wanted to create a stand alone unit that was specifically designed for the needs and capabilities of Halloween / Haunt enthusiasts.

In 2012, Hi-Rez Designs introduced their own solid-state HD Media Player, "The Black Box" in 2 versions: the looping video repeater, and triggerable playback version. Easy of use, glorious image quality, multiple playback formats, dozens of features, and synchronized multi-unit / multi-screen playback have quickly make "The Black Box" the best HD media player available anywhere.

With not only creating incredible Visual FX HD and DVD products, and now a full line of MP3 digital sound prop controllers, relay decoders, custom props, custom haunted attraction installations, custom video, HD media players and other accessories, Hi-Rez Designs has become the undisputed and established leader of video imagery in the Halloween / Haunt industry.

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