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Economy Motion Sensor Trigger - Pre-Wired

Economy Motion Sensor Trigger - Pre-Wired
This top-quality motion sensor is designed / tested to work with our new Black Box™ V.2 Triggering HD Media Player, and our own special Triggering DVD Player.

This "special" motion sensor comes pre-wired with 20' feet of 3 conductor black wire, so you can have it hooked up and ready-to-go in just a few minutes. If you are using one of our PC-2 or PC-4 Prop Controllers, Motor Controllers, or Triggering HD Media Player you can power this motion sensor from the power supplied by the controller.

After testing dozens of "other" motion sensors, these special motion sensors have been approved to work with Hi-Rez Designs DVD / HD media players using "cold contact" connections. ALL "other" motion sensors NOT SOLD / APPROVED BY HI-REZ DESIGNS ARE NOT designed to work properly and WILL DAMAGE any media player they are connected to.

These motion sensor are loaded with special features so you can set it up to work exactly how you want it to in your haunt!

  • Wall and / or Ceiling Mountable
  • Includes 20' feet pre-wired black wire
  • Uses "Cold Contact" Relay
  • Sensitivity Adjustment
  • 12VDC Power Required
  • Easy-to-Use Instructions included

12 VDC Power Supply

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Reg. Price: $59.95
Price: $49.95
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