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Prop Master - 1: 1-Relay Prop Controller

Prop Master - 1: 1-Relay Prop Controller

Have you have needed a simple but easy to use prop controller with 1-relay to program a prop or simply turn a device 'on' and 'off' on cue?

The Prop Master - 1™: 1-Relay Prop Controller is the answer!

Featuring: easy-to-use programming buttons, 1 full-sized 10 AMP 125V relay with N.O. (Normally Open) N.C. (Normally Closed) and C (Common) connection terminals, up to 12 full minute action / programming time, dual 12VDC inputs (either 2.1 x 5.5mm plug or + and - terminal connections), +12VDC output for motion sensors / trigger, low-active (GROUND) trigger signal input, Lock-out slide switch to prevent accidental erasure of your programming routine, and best of all 'INSTANT' an 'NORMAL' mode playback slide switch!

'INSTANT' and 'NORMAL' playback mode is a revolutionary new trademark feature that no other prop controller on the market has. Suppose you want a prop or action to activate the absolute split second the Prop Master - 1™ is triggered, but when you programmed the prop controller it took a second or so from when you pressed the 'RECORD' button to first pressing the push-button to activate the relay. Any time delay it took between pushing the 2 buttons is now part of your routine. But with the Prop Master - 1™ 'INSTANT' and 'NORMAL' slide switch, when you move the slide switch to 'INSTANT' mode, any time delay from when you pressed the 'RECORD' button to the relay push-button will now be IGNORED by the Prop Master - 1™. The split second the Prop Master - 1™ is triggered or activated, the relay will now INSTANTLY go into action. This is an awesome feature for anything you want activated immediately when the Prop Master - 1™ is triggered!

If you WANT the delay from when you pressed the 'RECORD' button to the time you pressed the relays push-button, simply slide the 'INSTANT' and 'NORMAL' slide switch back to 'NORMAL' and the Prop Master - 1™ will play the sequence in real-time, including any button pressing delay.


  • Records up to 12 minutes of relay actions in a single program
  • Easy to use push-buttons for recording relay actions
  • 'INSTANT' and 'NORMAL' mode slide switch playback
  • Plays back recorded program when trigger signal is detected
  • Always plays full sequence before another trigger is recognized
  • Relays have normally open (N.O.) and normally closed (N.C.) and common (C) connections
  • Low-active trigger signal input
  • Small footprint size
  • Indicator LEDs to show record mode, play mode, and trigger input detection
  • Lock-out switch to avoid accidentally erasing your programming
  • Includes 12VDC 600mA power supply

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Reg. Price: $79.95
Price: $69.95
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