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Shooting Gallery: Gun System

Shooting Gallery: Gun System

For over a year Hi-Rez Designs has been working on a new, state-of-the-art, modular shooting gallery system. We came up with the original idea because of the ever increasing number of “Laser Tag” attractions that are popping up all over the country. The only problem with “Laser Tag” setups is that you generally need large groups to play AND little kids (generally 10 and younger) are afraid to participate or play “Laser Tag” because they are scared of things jump out at them like actors or other players … thus resulting in ‘lost revenue’ for the attraction owner.

The interesting point is … kids are not at all afraid to use a ‘shooting gallery’ because the ’targets’ are right in front of them and they can see there is nothing to fear. Their main interest is simply “shooting the targets” and “making the targets / stuff move”.

Unlike other ‘shooting gallery’ systems on the market, the Hi-Rez Designs: Shooting Gallery system is modular … meaning you can design it to be as small or as big as you like with what YOU want as targets and animations. You won’t get ‘stuck’ with having to purchase a whole “already designed” system with items you don’t want or need. You can add more targets or gun systems later without having to change ANYTHING you already have in place.

Plus, you can ‘THEME’ your shooting gallery in whatever style you like: Zombie Apocalypse, Western Ghost Town, Haunted House, Kids Playground … whatever your heart desires.

In addition, a shooting gallery is an amazing ‘money generator’ for any attraction, bar, restaurant, kid-zone, etc. You can even set up a shooting gallery in a mobile-trailer to be transported / rented to parties and special events.

Our shooting gallery system uses a new, specially designed pin-point infra-red L.E.D. optics system like no other to deliver dead on accuracy and is 100% safe with NO eye-harmful lasers.

The ‘Gun System’ comes in kit form that you can easily install into an existing or newly designed countertop. Each ‘Gun System’ is completely self-contained, so you can add as many as you like to your setup. Remember, the more ‘Gun Systems’ you add, the more patrons can play at once. The ‘Gun System’ can be set to: Free Play (no money required), $1 = 20 shots, $1 = 30 shots, $1 = $40 shots, etc.

It comes with an IR Optics Gun with rubber tip, Mountable Metal Holster with Rubber Bumper, ShotMaster™ Main PCB Board with MP3 Sound Card, “Credits / Shots” L.E.D. display, Lighted ‘Start’ button, and adjustable sound system with beefy 6.5” mountable speaker, and 12VDC power supply. You can also add a “Bill Validator” (sold separately) accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 dollar bills to play.

The Hi-Rez Designs ’Shooting Gallery Gun System’ is specifically design to work ONLY with the Hi-Rez Designs Targets / Sensors (sold separately). You cannot use another manufacturers ’target sensors’ with our ‘Gun System’.

If you have any questions, or would like us to build you a 'custom' shooting gallery system theme, please email: info@hi-rezdesigns.com.

  • IR Gun w/ 4' Foot Tether + Rubber Tip + Mounting Plate
  • Metal Gun Holster w/ Rubber Bumper
  • ShotMaster™ - Main PCB Controller w/ MP3 Audio
  • Large Lighted Start Button w/ LED Bulb
  • Illuminated Credit / Shot Display + Mounting Assembly
  • 6.5" Round Speaker + Amplifier
  • Main PCB Power Supply
  • Hardware Mounting Black Carriage Bolts

Bill Validator + Faceplate

Even though the Hi-Rez Designs: Shooting Gallery system components are listed as 'out of stock', all components are in fact 'IN STOCK'.

In order to reduce any confusion as to which parts / components you would need for your setup, we recommend you email: info@hi-rezdesigns.com with your questions, specifications, and requirements so we can put together a complete package that suits your specific needs.

Package inquiries: info@hi-rezdesigns.com.

All text, images, and product information ©2018 Hi-Rez Designs.

Price: $1999.95
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